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multifamily real estate investments

Peter Siegel is a real estate owner, investor, manager, entrepreneur, author, and business leader and has been investing in real estate for three decades and has a well-established infrastructure for property management, construction, and investor relations. After years of partnering with friends and family, Peter created Siegel Capital so that multifamily real estate investments could be accessible to the typical accredited investor.

Peter has the business experience of a “street fighter” with a Wall Street background. Having completed hundreds of property acquisitions and financings, and with extensive construction, development, and management experience, Peter has a wealth of knowledge and track record that is required for you to successfully partner on the acquisition and ownership of great income-producing real estate.

How it Works

We locate and acquire

Siegel Capital sources the deals, performs all of the due diligence, negotiates the purchase terms, obtains the debt financing, and closes on the acquisition of real estate.


Accredited investors become partners with Peter in the actual real estate and enjoy the benefits of real estate ownership. Investors do not own shares of stock, shares of a fund, or REIT.

We Manage

Siegel Capital creates and executes the business plan and manages the property. This includes overseeing the value-add plan, collection of rents, leasing, marketing, maintenance, and all other aspects of property operations.

Investors get paid

We payout cash distributions to the investor as cash is made available from operations, financings, or sale of multifamily real estate investments.

Why Choose Multifamily Real Estate Investments with Siegel Capital?


Commercial multifamily real estate investments have been less volatile and have historically outperformed other asset classes.


Tax Favorable

Depreciation is a non-cash expense that can be written off against income to create tax sheltering, and combined with the deduction of mortgage interest, creates a powerful vehicle for tax sheltering cash distributions.

Cash Flow

Tenants pay rent which generates the income necessary to pay the expenses of the property and to provide positive cash flow to investors.


Tenants pay down the debt each month which increases investor equity, creating long-term wealth.


Multifamily real estate can be purchased with leverage from commercial lenders who provide attractive financing terms. For example, a $50,000,000 property can be acquired with $12,500,000 in equity while a bank provides the balance of the financing needed to close on that acquisition.


Commercial income-producing real estate is likely to appreciate in value as income increases.

Are You an Accredited Investor?

If you are an accredited investor, we want to be in touch with you about our multifamily real estate investments and how you can participate alongside me in the investment in and ownership of these great opportunities.

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